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Uniquely built programs designed to increase sales!

Vendor Finance Overview


Traction is here to grow your business!


If you offer financing alternatives to your customers and clients, Traction will work side by side with you to develop a uniquely focused vendor finance program that entirely focuses on increased sales and customer retention.  This financing can provide huge upside in that it generally is easier to sell a monthly payment rather than a total sales price. 


The Traction Vendor Finance team will work with you to structure a program that works for your customers, giving them some flexibility and giving you an advantage over your competitors by having this as another tool to increase sales.  

  •  Increase Sales

  •  Extend range of service and benefits

  •  Retain customers and create customer loyalty

  •  Simple, hands-off approach for your business 


What can I expect of your program?

  • Competitive Rates (8-20%)

  • Startups allowed in certain industries

  • No down for approved credit

  • Flexible terms (12-60 mo)

  • Quick decisioning, some assets within 15-30 min

  • Portal for easy submittals

Our staff experienced staff will be with you every step of the transaction to show you just how easy our process is. Traction strives to provide quick approval and services for your clients—developing great relationships that result in repeat business for you. Customers will generally focus on short-term expenses, let us be part of that growth.

Find out how Tractions vendor financing programs can help you build a successful and meaningful financing program. 


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