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TRACTION was created to provide financial security and flexibility to help businesses thrive and grow.  We are proud to assist by providing capital across many industries, including transportation, construction, manufacturing, and many more.  By assisting all credit types and offering several contract structures, we will do our best to supply you a solution that fits your business needs and goals!
Regardless if a dealer or individual looking for equipment, our promise is that you will always be treated with transparency and honesty in all of our dealings.  Far too often in the lending world, people are not sincere, realistic or even polite in what is being disclosed.   We will always do our best in laying out the guidelines, underwriting and contracting quickly, and getting the deal funded in a timely fashion. 

These are strange times we live in and the industry is bound for change, but in the end we still value the relationship and it is our hope that you choose to work with us!   You will have a positive experience throughout and hopefully we become partners for the long haul.

                                                                                                    - Team TRACTION

Dakota3a BW.jpg
     Dakota Forgione
Chief Executive Officer
        Ash Bianco
Head of Operations 
S Valentine s2.jpg
    Scott Valentine
  Vendor Director

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Whether you have been in business for years and just starting out in the industry, know that Traction is here to help! 


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