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Helping farmers put equipment in their hands is something we take great pride in.   Farming is a pillar of our economy and remains a segment we finance with pride.

Financing from Traction  will allow your business  to grow and thrive.  
Multiple finance structures, competitive rates and quick turnaround.  

Financial decisions and when to add or update equipment is a important decision facing farmers.   Traction provides low fixed interest rates and maturity dates to accommodate farmers and their needs.  


Helping the next generation of Farmers!


Farming can be a unpredictable and potentially stressful way of life.  Traction is commited to supporting agriculture professionals as they continue to make decisions that greatly impact their business, families and bottom-line.  

Creating and maintaining a successful business can be difficult.  Scaling and growing a business is another challenge.  
Road to Success!

Tips for Scaling a Business!

  • Evaluate your Finances
  • Consider your Financing Options
  • Grow the Team
  • Automate and Outsource
  • Keep Detailed Records
  • Expand marketing campaigns
  • Customer Service #1
  • Everything is planned!
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