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Financing Medical Equipment to better equip the industry and it's patients!

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Providing all healthcare providers financing programs to help keep America healthy.  
Multiple finance structures, competitive rates and quick turnaround.  
 Flexibility to get deals done!

Healthcare providers, hospitals and independent physicians are always in need of accessing the latest technology and equipment.   Traction is here to help!  We have solutions and programs that provide flexibility by deferring payments and financing soft cost.

The Traction programs are designed to put the needed equipment in your facility.

  • Ultrasound
  • Imaging
  • MRI systems
  • CAT Scan and C-Arm
  • Surgical
  • Therapy machines
  • Mammography
  • Lab equipment
  • Office furniture
  • Software
  • Computers
  • Acquisition and Expansion
Creating and maintaining a successful business can be difficult.  Scaling and growing a business is another challenge.  
Road to Success!

Tips for Scaling a Business!

  • Evaluate your Finances
  • Consider your Financing Options
  • Grow the Team
  • Automate and Outsource
  • Keep Detailed Records
  • Expand marketing campaigns
  • Customer Service #1
  • Everything is planned!
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