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Helping business grow by offering loans for land, buildings, equipment and inventory.
Multiple finance structures, competitive rates and quick turnaround.  
 Flexibility to get deals done!

We provide manufacturers access to the capital they need to operate at maximum efficiency!


We offer flexible financing for any manufacturing business.   Manufacturing will always be a staple in the US economy, in fact almost 13 million workers are employed in this industry.  The demand for manufacturing output is currently high, which provides opportunities for new business owners to enter the industry.  

Traction will assist in you acquiring the necessary machinery to get maximum output.   Whether it be engraving machines, meat cutting devices, juicing machines or steel fabrication, we have the equipment financing to assist with the purchases you need while maintaining your cash flow.

The Traction programs are designed to put the needed equipment in your facility.

Creating and maintaining a successful business can be difficult.  Scaling and growing a business is another challenge.  
Road to Success!

Tips for Scaling a Business!

  • Evaluate your Finances
  • Consider your Financing Options
  • Grow the Team
  • Automate and Outsource
  • Keep Detailed Records
  • Expand marketing campaigns
  • Customer Service #1
  • Everything is planned!
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